WebKOBIS ERP3 is applicable and adaptable to various sectors



Combinations of WebKOBIS ERP3 Business Packages provides vast scope of functionality for various sectors:

  • IT Products Sales & Support Services.
  • Textile Cloth Production & Foreign Trading,
  • Industrial Machinery Production,
  • Metal Construction Production,
  • Machinery Metal Parts Production,
  • Plastic Spare Parts Production,
  • Metal Casting Production,
  • Metal Cast Parts Production,
  • Machinery Spare Parts Production,
  • Food Production & Sales,
  • Wholesale Food Sales,
  • Medical Products Sales & Support Services,
  • Proposal/Project based Production & Services,
  • Management & Training Services,
  • Quality Management & Accreditation Services,
  • Decoration & Interior Design,
  • Customer Specific Product Box Production,



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Corporate Level

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