WebKOBIS provides 2 mechanisms to manage user access right managements

1- Module User Access Mode

WebKOBIS provides build-in mechanism to relate user & records which provides general control for module/table access .

This mechanism provides 3 different access control modes which may differ from business uses:

  1. User can see & change own and others data.
  2. User can only see & change own data.
  3. User can see others data but only change own data.

In general WebKOBIS utilizes 1st mode defined above as standard because it is designed for small to medium size SMEs which relies on less personnel carrying more roles in an active business environment.  However in customization projects access mode of WebKOBIS can be changed easily on for each table according to your business needs.

In user specific ares WebKOBIS uses 2nd mode to secure user's private data.

2- Role/ Group Management

With WebKOBIS Role/Group definitions you can control users following actions:

  1. Add,
  2. Edit,
  3. Delete,
  4. List/Show,
  5. Print/Export,
  6. Import,
  7. and Managerial Right to access all users data.


For more information WebKOBIS's standard role/group please click here.

You are secure, No Problems !..

Don't forget, cloud computing is on the rise and every day new business are getting benefits of internet computing.

It is important to keep in mind that almost 90% of small-to-medium size SMEs do not have I.T. department and they utilize hosted mail and web server services keeping their business information on the internet ...

WebKOBIS provides necessary corporate-grade security mechanisms to secure your business data. Therefore WebKOBIS is as secure as your emails on the internet.

For more information please click here.

WebKOBIS instances runs only on WebKOBIS dedicated servers owned by OCCONS and hosted in professional hosting service providers.

If you still have about system access WebKOBIS provides IP Firewall System, Access Audit and Access Log capabilities within your reach with a click. , For more information please click here.

Yes you can..

WebKOBIS provides mechanisms to track

  • IP addresses used by users
  • User log-in  & log outs
  • changes on tables performed by users

assuring a corporate-grade user access tracking capabilities.

You can track user activities easily via following WebKOBIS Audit screen 7/24 without need of a support team.


WebKOBIS provides 7 different security mechanisms to ensure your security of your business.

These are...

  1. User ID & Password (MD5)
  2. Strong Password use,
  3. User Email confirmation,
  4. Internal Firewall for IP Control, User IP and access date/time permissions,
  5. CAPTCHA security control,
  6. Group/Role Access Privilege Control,
  7. Module/Table Access Mode to limit user access,
  8. WebKOBIS-Audit for user access tracking,