Yes, WebKOBIS ERP3 has cost and operational advantages for your business!...

First of all, followings are the operational service advantages of WebKOBIS being a hosting service:

  • Ownership Cost: WebKOBIS as a SaaS (hosted) service prevents your initial software purchase cost. Infect WebKOBIS allows you utilize "initial purchase cost" as annual service payment distributed in years.   
    As an example assume that you will pay around $20000 for a "Brand ERP" software for 5 users. WebKOBIS ERP3 cost  $3375 annually saving $16625 in the first year budget increasing Return Of Investment. So you can spend this saved budget in purchasing 5 years of WebKOBIS ERP3 service or you can invest for customization of WebKOBIS  for your business to increase efficiency.
  • Hardware Cost: WebKOBIS prevents you from additional hardware, infrastructure costs and related support costs. You  will be saving from ServersHigh Licencing  Costs  for Servers,  Power Supplies,  extra Security Infrastructure to open your server to the internet such as Firewall, Virus Protection software etc , Daily Backup cost and peripherals such as storage spaces or disks  and infrastructure for fast Internet connection to allow fast connection to your server.
  • Support & Maintenance Cost: WebKOBIS serviced as a hosted application (SaaS) allows us to support & develop new feature in the system faster and cheaper reducing the overall cost of the system. 
    One example to this is free internet based systems such Hotmail, Gmail and Facebook. These application had changed countless of times without effecting your use the system. Similar to this example WebKOBIS will continue to be developed and grow while you are keep using new editions.

    Another important issue saving is support personnel that would be required to manage a system hardware defined above. With 
    WebKOBIS, you don' need additional support personnel.

  • Backup Support: A lot of SMEs ignore or simply forget taking necessary system backup copies. On the other hand, WebKOBIS systems are automatically backed up every day and stored for your business's safety.

    Therefore you do not extra personnel or support to backup your system data.
  • 7/24 Unlimited Global Access: Needless to say WebKOBIS ERP3 provides a complete ERP and Business Management System with unlimited access advantages. Therefore you can access your data or complete your work without being in the office.

As a summary, WebKOBIS ERP3 saves your business quite amount of investment as Software as a Service (SaaS)

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