Actually it is included and  integrated in WebKOBIS ERP3 as WebKOBIS-UP with in itself as a package !!!


WebKOBIS ERP3 was designed keeping in mind needs of small-to-medium SMEs which would prefer to use "simplified" production planning  rather than more complex production planning mechanisms.

Another WebKOBIS ERP3 design consideration was  reducing the cost but keeping the system upscale able if needed.

Therefore WebKOBIS ERP3  incorporates 2 product definition mechanism for your business needs, one simple and another  one in a more detailed manner.

WebKOBIS ERP3 comes with simplified product definition and production management as standard, reducing the system cost as well as keeping the system relatively simple  as most small-to-medium size SMEs would prefer.

For businesses which requires more sophisticated production management simply  WebKOBIS-UP module is integrated to the WebKOBIS ERP3 providing  corporate-grade production management & quality management functionality.

For more information please check  WebKOBIS Product Management section.