Definitely Yes!..

WebKOBIS ERP3 incorporates core quality management components in its design from day one. Therefore WebKOBIS provides capabilities to capture quality related issues integrated in various related modules providing  a comprehensive Quality Management System as well as complete Decision Support System for your business.


WebKOBIS support KANBAN. You can utilize KANBAN model as part of advance quality management system.

As part of WebKOBIS KANBAN model Customer Complaints, Corrective Activities (8F) and related Work Order  can be tracked via KANBAN Cards   speeding up your responses.

KANBAN Cards comes with WebKOBIS-UP Advance Production Planning Module.


Yes !..

Utilizing a browser fitted bar code reader you can use WebKOBIS to access the relevant record.


WebKOBIS ERP3 provides an integrated management environment between your offices and construction sites to share information and utilize benefits of following modules..

  • Business Plan Tracking,
  • Work Orders Tracking,
  • Project Management,
  • Stock Tracking,
  • Quality Management,
  • Document & Form Tracking

These are some of the benefits of WebKOBIS for your business.


WebKOBIS's integrated Proposal ManagementProject Management and Business Planning modules allow you define and track all aspects of your project tasks in relation with Document Management System creating an online knowledge base for your business.

In addition to these, WebKOBIS Project Management provides capability to define procurement proposals related to each task defined. This provides 360 degree project management capability in WebKOBIS for your business


WebKOBIS provides you a low-cost, integrated business management system with B2B, B2C & Extranet systems ready to use from day one.

First of all  WebKOBIS is 100% web based system so there is no need to install  a software or a component to the user's computer. All you need to create a appropriate User Account.

WebKOBIS Customer B2B Portal provides you a "sandbox" B2B portal already integrated to your WebKOBIS ERP3 system.

Because WebKOBIS Customer B2B Module (WebKOBIS-MP) or other additional modules are completely separated from main ERP3 system, it is completely secure to change as your operation with customers or business partners dictates.



With WebKOBIS Customer B2B Portal you can simply provide a UserID and Password to your customer or business part.

Following is a sample screen shot from WebKOBIS Customer B2B portal (WebKOBIS-MP) which allows the customer to view online


  • your Products,
  • Proposal you gave to to the Customer,
  • his own Orders that the Customer Made,
  • Invoice records  that you generated as a result of his customer order.




As default WebKOBIS-MP  comes as view only (read-only) system which means that most of the modules can not change the data as default. Complaints Module is only exception to allow customer sending his complaints freely.

Keeping in mind that the sample described above, WebKOBIS-MP and other Additional Modules are meant to be customized as your business need it. However WebKOBIS-MP separate "sandbox" design allows you to implement your B2B system easily without causing impacts to your main WebKOBIS system.

With WebKOBIS-MP your Corporate Customers or Business Partners can..

  • Can see your new or in-stock inventory without creating load to your operation.
  • If you create Customer Proposal in the central office and then distribute it via your business partners WebKOBIS simplifies the process. Your business partners can print the proposal to give it their customer.
  • Or if your business operation allows, your  business partner creates the proposal and give it to their customers. You simply track their progress in your WebKOBIS ERP3.
  • Keeping your Customer database up to date with your business partners you can prevent mistakes.
  • WebKOBIS-MP provides a low-cost B2B system for your future business operation systems.

For more information please check Additional Modules section.