WebKOBIS ERP3 is designed as integrated management system aiming to provide maximum level of functionality and data to the user.

During WebKOBIS screen designs following consideration were kept in mind:

  1. WebKOBIS ERP3 screens are designed as "wide screens" which will provide most amount of data as quick as possible with minimum amount of screen browsing.
  2. On WebKOBIS List screens Detail Record Links provides data on popup or pivot detail tables providing practical quick access to data minimizing browsing.
  3. Prices of wide screen monitors  are getting cheaper every days because of technological developments making them more available on desktops. Therefore WebKOBIS designed to provide more data on the screen without limiting it according to older  low resolution monitors.
  4. WebKOBIS is an ERP software and in some cases business specific customization is a must. In this  case, it is easily possible to re arrange screen according to customer requirements.