There is WebKOBIS-CP Mobile Access Module. You don't need iPhone or Android based applications!..


WebKOBIS-CP is 100% browser based application specifically customized for mobile devices with small size screens on which WebKOBIS ERP3 screens may not be practical.

With WebKOBIS-CP you can access your WebKOBIS ERP3 data via any internet enabled mobile devices  PCs, Laptop, Notepads, Mobile Phones, Kiosks, Televisions and even Vehicle Media Systems in your car.

Another utilization of WebKOBIS-CP is to customize it for Sale Representatives & Field Personnel  as a gateway to keep in touch with WebKOBIS on all times.


WebKOBIS ERP3 is designed as integrated management system aiming to provide maximum level of functionality and data to the user.

During WebKOBIS screen designs following consideration were kept in mind:

  1. WebKOBIS ERP3 screens are designed as "wide screens" which will provide most amount of data as quick as possible with minimum amount of screen browsing.
  2. On WebKOBIS List screens Detail Record Links provides data on popup or pivot detail tables providing practical quick access to data minimizing browsing.
  3. Prices of wide screen monitors  are getting cheaper every days because of technological developments making them more available on desktops. Therefore WebKOBIS designed to provide more data on the screen without limiting it according to older  low resolution monitors.
  4. WebKOBIS is an ERP software and in some cases business specific customization is a must. In this  case, it is easily possible to re arrange screen according to customer requirements.

SaaS is "Software As A Service" a hosting oriented software distribution model. SaaS provides substantial benefits for users in terms of hardware & licence costs.

For more detailed information on WebKOBIS's SaaS advantages please click here.

Because WebKOBIS aims functionality!..

WebKOBIS is an ERP3 system classification which requires complete accessibly from internet running on wide range of mobile devices providing user a "wall less office" environment.

Therefore WebKOBIS ERP3 Mobile versions' screens are designed as functional as and as simple as possible to be able to run on all possible internet enabled devices successfully.

From usability point of view, our experiences with users shows that any  "Facebook" or  "GMail' users gets familiar with WebKOBIS screen with in 1-2 hours reducing the need of User Training dramatically.



Yes, WebKOBIS ERP3 has cost and operational advantages for your business!...

First of all, followings are the operational service advantages of WebKOBIS being a hosting service:

  • Ownership Cost: WebKOBIS as a SaaS (hosted) service prevents your initial software purchase cost. Infect WebKOBIS allows you utilize "initial purchase cost" as annual service payment distributed in years.   
    As an example assume that you will pay around $20000 for a "Brand ERP" software for 5 users. WebKOBIS ERP3 cost  $3375 annually saving $16625 in the first year budget increasing Return Of Investment. So you can spend this saved budget in purchasing 5 years of WebKOBIS ERP3 service or you can invest for customization of WebKOBIS  for your business to increase efficiency.
  • Hardware Cost: WebKOBIS prevents you from additional hardware, infrastructure costs and related support costs. You  will be saving from ServersHigh Licencing  Costs  for Servers,  Power Supplies,  extra Security Infrastructure to open your server to the internet such as Firewall, Virus Protection software etc , Daily Backup cost and peripherals such as storage spaces or disks  and infrastructure for fast Internet connection to allow fast connection to your server.
  • Support & Maintenance Cost: WebKOBIS serviced as a hosted application (SaaS) allows us to support & develop new feature in the system faster and cheaper reducing the overall cost of the system. 
    One example to this is free internet based systems such Hotmail, Gmail and Facebook. These application had changed countless of times without effecting your use the system. Similar to this example WebKOBIS will continue to be developed and grow while you are keep using new editions.

    Another important issue saving is support personnel that would be required to manage a system hardware defined above. With 
    WebKOBIS, you don' need additional support personnel.

  • Backup Support: A lot of SMEs ignore or simply forget taking necessary system backup copies. On the other hand, WebKOBIS systems are automatically backed up every day and stored for your business's safety.

    Therefore you do not extra personnel or support to backup your system data.
  • 7/24 Unlimited Global Access: Needless to say WebKOBIS ERP3 provides a complete ERP and Business Management System with unlimited access advantages. Therefore you can access your data or complete your work without being in the office.

As a summary, WebKOBIS ERP3 saves your business quite amount of investment as Software as a Service (SaaS)

WebKOBIS Maliyet Analizi

Your Cost...


Your Savings...

WebKOBIS Licence Fee (Annual)   Ownership Cost
    Hardware & Licencing Costs
    Support Personnel Cost (Annual)
    Support & Maintenance Cost (Annual)
    Backup Cost (Annual)



For WebKOBIS ERP3 Cost Comparison click here.

Actually it is included and  integrated in WebKOBIS ERP3 as WebKOBIS-UP with in itself as a package !!!


WebKOBIS ERP3 was designed keeping in mind needs of small-to-medium SMEs which would prefer to use "simplified" production planning  rather than more complex production planning mechanisms.

Another WebKOBIS ERP3 design consideration was  reducing the cost but keeping the system upscale able if needed.

Therefore WebKOBIS ERP3  incorporates 2 product definition mechanism for your business needs, one simple and another  one in a more detailed manner.

WebKOBIS ERP3 comes with simplified product definition and production management as standard, reducing the system cost as well as keeping the system relatively simple  as most small-to-medium size SMEs would prefer.

For businesses which requires more sophisticated production management simply  WebKOBIS-UP module is integrated to the WebKOBIS ERP3 providing  corporate-grade production management & quality management functionality.

For more information please check  WebKOBIS Product Management section.



WebKOBIS-TRADE, CRM & ERP editions uses same database so upgrade is possible and it is as easy as "switching a button" !!!.



It is true that internet based WebKOBIS 's subject to  bandwidth speed. As a result of developing technology internet is speeding up almost everyday reducing performance issues as well. As a result  low-cost WebKOBIS ERP3 is still a valuable investment.

Besides  there are other ways to connect to the internet which may suit to some problem areas:

  • Satellite Connection...
  • Telocom mobile 3G connection services..
  • Bluetooth & Mobile Phone connections
The important issue here is to assess the Cost of not to have WebKOBIS ERP3 .


Definitely Yes!..

WebKOBIS support User Role/Group access privilege management and it comes with set of predefined Role Groups for you setup as your business needs require. These predefined role groups are:

  • Agenda Management
  • Analysis Reports
  • Services
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Daily Works
  • Business Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Relation
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Sale Representative
  • Stock
  • Proposal Management
  • Production
  • Production Management
  • Product Design
  • Management
  • _System Setups
  • _System Security
  • _System Reference Data

As WebKOBIS ERP3 System Manager all you have to do is to select  corresponding module with a simple check box  () for assignment. If you need new groups you can create them and set as you need it.

Definitely Yes !...

As we all know because of the global economy Business are more like to get involved in businesses activities with other companies around the world which will require integration of the business management systems to some degree sooner or later.

Despite of the fact that many desktop ERP systems may be quite successful on closed LANs in business, it is quite difficult and costly to convert them to a global solution. This change cost make them useless or too expensive for most businesses.

Another consideration is the support that you may need to when you use a "Brand ERP" on the other side of the globe. Sooner or later you may need a support team which will increase the support cost dramatically because you may end up transferring  experts of this "Brand  ERP" from somewhere else with a high price tag.

These factors became as necessities for ERP3 systems to be developed.

Where as WebKOBIS ERP3 is a completely web based solution designed utilizing low cost technologies aiming to be used globally on the internet from day one. This design factor gives unlimited system & operational growth to your business with a unrepresented low investment & operational cost.

For an ERP3 system following conditions has to be met:

  • The ERP Solution has to be a 100% WEB system without requiring no installations on the client's computer.
  • The ERP Solution has to be Open Structure/Open Source to provide world wide support if needed,
  • The ERP Solution has to provide B2B integration with Customers, Vendors, Service Providers & remote users if needed.
  • The ERP Solution has to be reachable via most internet enabled devices if necessary.
  • The ERP Solution has to be platform independent,  able to run most commonly used servers.

The reasons behind these conditions are as in the followings:

The ERP Solution has to be a 100% WEB system without requiring no installations on the client's computer: The reason for this condition is to minimize support cost in the case of supporting users around the world. If the ERP solution doesn't need any installations your business can utilize new users around the world easily without any support cost such as technical team to the installations and on-going supports.

The ERP Solution has to be Open Structure/Open Source to provide world wide support if neededOpen Source/Open Structure technologies has enormous cost benefits for businesses. Most of the Open Source/Open Structure for free of licences fees or their licence fees cost very low compare to other other systems.  Therefore if your business needs support or customization, it requires less budget with open source technologies giving you more options for implementation of new business requirements or complete new developments. Because Open Source technologies are cheap they are widely used all around the world by millions of developers reducing the support cost dramatically if you need to pay.

The ERP Solution has to provide B2B integration with Customers, Vendors, Service Providers & Remote Users if needed: As your businesses grows your ERP solution should be able provide expansion possibilities as your business needs with a relatively low development cost.

The ERP Solution has to be reachable via most internet enabled devices if necessary: You never know when or where you may need to access to your ERP system. Therefore your system should be able run easily on most internet enabled devices to support your business.

The ERP Solution has to be platform independent,  able to run most commonly used servers: You should be able to run your server on most commonly supported server platforms.


It is important to keep in mind that ERP systems are living systems developing in time with new business needs. Depending on business needs some  25% to 45% of ERP system may require some level of customization in time. Therefore in most cases ERP solution would be better simple, customizable and has to have low operational cost to make future developments possible.

Another important issue in ERP solutions are included functionality in the ERP. It seems every bit of already added functionality is great for the business. How ever the dark side of these functionality are they add extra complexity in case of some customization process especially if these functionality are not seriously needed or used.  So you may end up increasing customization cost spend as Consultancy Cost because of some extra feature in your ERP which are not really important.

In these cases it may be much cost effective and easy if your ERP solutions is broad enough to support your future needs with a easy to customize structure allowing features as needed.

In this way you may reduce initial Ownership cost as well as on going Customization Cost in favor of your business. 


Keeping all these issues described above WebKOBIS ERP3 provides a 100% web based complete solution package with B2B implementations for your business with a surprisingly low ownership and operational cost.



WebKOBIS supports following languages internally...

  • Arabic,
  • German,
  • French,
  • English,
  • Spanish,
  • Romanian,
  • Russian,
  • Turkish

WebKOBIS Additional Modules also comes with 8-language support.



Think Global with WebKOBIS!...

Addition to internal language support, WebKOBIS ERP3 is GoogleTranslate compatible which results as 80% correct automatic translation. Therefore you can utilize WebKOBIS with GoogleTranslate's  66 foreign language translation everywhere .



Possibly Yes!...

First of all WebKOBIS ERP3 is not an accounting software and to be an accounting software is not initial priority of WebKOBIS ERP3. However WebKOBIS ERP3 has accounting module to allow you follow day to day financial activities.

The aim of WebKOBIS ERP3 is to capture all managerial and operational activities in your business, as much as possible in a practical way establishing an integrated Decision Support System for the management. From managerial point of view WebKOBIS covers much larger area than an accounting system; creating a complete  management system.

For more information click here.



WebKOBIS is a complete Business Intelligence System (BIS) with various reports & analysis features.  These report are analysis are as in the following:

  • over 90 predefined Dynamic Analysis & Reports,
  • over 400 Dynamic Reporting by cross-filtering of list screens,
  • With WebKOBIS-RM Custom Report Module unlimited reports & analysis

Addition to graphical analysis WebKOBIS also provides  Gantt & Resource Graphics in related modules.

For more information on WebKOBIS-RM Custom Report Module please click here.