WebKOBIS ERP3 Business Package provides an integrated All-In-One+ ERP environment for your business including production.

WebKOBIS-CRM provides a comprehensive customer relations management platform with potential growth to already integrated functionalities as for future requirements.

WebKOBIS HRM provides complete human resource management platform for your business

WebKOBIS TRADE provides basic trading platform for your business management sytem

WebKOBIS RMS provides dynamic  report management system  as an Business inteligence reporting functionality.

WebKOBIS SMS provides strategic management system platform for your business

WebKOBIS WSHM provides work aafety& health management system platform for your business

WebKOBIS LMS provides logistic management system functionality for your business

WebKOBIS TMS provides complete training management system for your business

WebKOBIS PAM provides physical asset management functionality for your business

WebKOBIS DAM provides functionality to manage and track your digital assets

WebKOBIS DMS package provides you a complete electronic document management solution.

WebKOBIS QMS provides advance quality management platform for your business.

WebKOBIS CMS package adds complete content management functionality for your business.

WebKOBIS-PMS package provides comprehensive project management platform for your business. 

WebKOBIS MRP package provides material resource planning functionality for your business.

WebKOBIS FMS gives you complete financial management system capability to your business