We would like to thank to all of our customers because of their trust to us & the support that they show to our work !    - WebKOBIS Family.


"PiriGroup Management is a consultancy firm mainly specilized on European Union  and World Bank projects such as "Fast Rail Road Project" and many other Turkey-wide large scale project which were completed successfully.  Because of the nature of our clients we have to aim  certain levels of proficiency in our projects and we have to keep this level in our operations.

WebKOBİS ERP3 solution made it a lot easier managing our ever increasing number of projects, planning our work and keeping the costs in check. We have become better at responding to our clients’ needs. Overall we’ve become more productive as an enterprise. The ERP solution had every module that we need and even more.   When in need, WEBKOBİS ERP3 support staff responded rapidly and accurately. We recommend the WEBKOBİS ERP3 solution to all SME’s like us."


Piri Grup Danışmanlık

"We have been using another internationally well-known CRM system over 2.5 years  which was also customized by OCCONS.

Because of the WebKOBIS's framework's unique practicality we decided to shift from our CRM system to WebKOBIS extending the functionality specific to insurance brokerage sector. Now we are using WebKOBIS and easily customize it as needed with support of the WebKOBIS team."

İlknur Kırbaş
Insurance Agency & Brokerage Services

İlknur Kırbaş Sigorta

"After an investigation between the existing products, we decided that WebKOBIS is the best product for our business covering all aspects of business processes. Now we can record all operational events easily establishing an integrated and practical ERP system with WebKOBIS.  Because from design point of view system is broad but easy to use, easily understandable and fast, we didn't have any problems during transition.  We would like to thank to WebKOBIS team for this useful ERP system."

Sinan Bilen
Medical Hearing Systems Sale & Techical Support

Evren Elektronik

"I have been in trading almost over 20 years. Until now I used many software for my business. Each one of them covered some portion of my business needs & some others were missing needing ground-up redevelopment even for my business customization. As a result I paid lots of money for integration and training with out a completely satisfactory result.

We started to use WebKOBIS as the integrated business management system and get rid of all these issues we had before. It comes with extremely suitable cost compare to its coverage. Its runs on web which is a great feature. I can access all information when I need, where I need.

WebKOBIS is broad enough to cover all operations of businesses  whether it's operation is small or large scale. This is our most important benefit. İf we need,  we easily adapt WebKOBIS with small customizations. Now we know that WebKOBIS will easily answer our  needs in the future.

Suat Sığırtmaç
IT Products Sales & Support Services.

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